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The Canadian Coalition for the Support of the Armenians of Syria has been established by Armenian-Canadians, unable to remain indifferent to the tragedies that have imposed a heavy toll on the Christian communities of Syria.  The sole aim of this newly established coalition is to provide immediate humanitarian and financial assistance to the Armenians trapped in the battle zones of Syria.  The Canadian Coalition for the Support of Armenians in Syria will take major steps to ensure that the critical needs of the Armenian community of Syria will be met.  We cannot reach our goal alone — we need your help today.

The Canadian Coalition for the Support of the Armenians of Syria mission is to provide immediate assistance to the Syrian-Armenians, through the generous donations of the community in Canada, and the network of churches, political parties and charity organizations, which operate in the country.

The united committees established by the Syrian-Armenian communities in accordance with local needs will use the assistance for food, medicine, and temporary shelter, emergency medical and other critical humanitarian expenses.

The Canadian Coalition for the Support of the Armenians of Syria with its participating organizations will conduct its fundraising via the registered Canadian charity named Centre d'Assistance Mondiale Arménien de Montréal (C.A.M.A.M.).  C.A.M.A.M. will oversee the collection, the receipt issuance, and transfer of donated funds to support the Armenians of Syria.

C.A.M.A.M. is a registered Canadian charity whose mission is to come to the aid of needy Armenians all over the world.  Its activities are focused on bringing much required humanitarian aid to families by supporting educational and social programs in areas of the world where urgent needs are identified.  These programs are also targeted for the poor, sick and downtrodden that find themselves in difficulty caused by war or natural disaster.  These projects and activities ensure the basic material and spiritual needs of Armenians in their time of need.


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Canadian Coalition for the Support of the Armenians of Syria


It is more than a year that the Armenian community of Syria is facing a crisis and, unfortunately, all signs are indicating that the civil unrest can be long lasting. Apart from the tragic loss of human lives, the crisis has also paralysed Syria’s economic life.

The Armenian community of Syria, whose organizational roots date back to the 1432, constitute one of the most vibrant Armenian communities of the Diaspora, and have always generously participated to all pan-Armenian initiatives. Today, they are the ones facing tragic conditions and need our full support. Throughout the Diaspora, various support initiatives are already under way. Support initiatives whithin our community will be coordinated by the Canadian Coalition for the Support of the Armenians of Syria.

You will be informed about the initiatives whithin your local communities through the Armenian media or other communication means. We are convinced that the Canadian-Armenian community will respond massively to the appeals of the community organizations and we will be able to do our best to support the Armenians of Syria in these tragic days.

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